G3 – 1ºB – Anxiety


Anxiety is a mental illness that must be treated. Talking about this topic has been more and more frequent these days. Brazil was already the most anxious country in the world, with the arrival of the coronavirus, we all got quarantined, restricting our social contact, so our routine was abruptly modified. Speaking more specifically of High School, we have more commitments, duties, in addition to all our needs. Going through this phase in the quarantine, we want to know what people are feeling, what they think, bringing alternatives on how to deal with anxiety and forms to express themselves.

Anxiety is a mechanism everyone has and it is essential for our body to react to threatening situations, although when it’s levels are higher than usual, it is considered the issue we all know. It is something really common in the modern society we live in, especially in the teenage years, since it is when a lot of big changes happen, more responsibilities, more pressure, all this without considering the personal matters each person has to deal with individually. Anxiety can be really harmful, causing insomnia, panic attacks, digestive problems, shortness of breath, beyond other symptoms. Something else we need to consider is that it can initiate other issues, like depression or OCD, that is  why it is so important for people to search for suitable treatment.

Our group chose to do a podcast about this topic, it is based on the responses given by students who answered our form, since some of the members had already had experience in making podcasts, and it also would be an interactive and easy way for those that are interested in our work. We realized that it was the most interesting way to present our final product, which wouldn’t happen if we only analyzed the form and made a text about it. Doing a podcast could be something more spontaneous and simple for the public, this way the subject is discussed smoothly, bringing information to everyone, as symptoms, and the importance of seeking for treatment.